Aims Nepal Rope Access Team can provide all sorts of Windows and Facade Cleaning and Pressure Washing for your home or your commercial building. Our professional team can provide you with a quick assessment, quotation and complete the job efficiently and reliably.

Overtime the windows of the building can collect dust and other pollutants and will make it very dirty with reduced visibility and destructing the windows themselves. So, our team of technicians can provide a clean result.

In many instances of high rise building maintenance there are inconveniences to reach out away from the fixed access systems, ladders or walkways. In such cases, Rope access can offer the best method for a cost efficient and safe way to perform repair, clean or maintain the building.

Aims Nepal teams can help you to patch paint works, concrete repairs, clean windows and walls, repair electrical and lights etc.

With rope access you won’t have to worry about the scaffolding hassles, long delays in work. Our experts can do the repair and maintenance work in fraction of time and fraction of cost.