Aims Nepal is a Training company operating in Nepal. Aims Nepal is committed to the health, safety and welfare of our employees, trainees and the communities in which we work.  We believe that a job is only done well if no one is injured and the job is done safely and cleanly.  It is our policy that employees and contractors consider health, safety and environmental management essential to all aspects of their work.

To achieve this end, we will:

  • Provide and maintain safe and health work environments for employees and contractors;
  • Comply will all applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations;
  • Provide appropriate health, safety and environmental training for all employees and contractors;
  • Strive to improve standards of occupational health, safety performance and environmental performance;
  • Ensure our subcontractors aspire to the attainment of equivalent health, safety and environmental standards; and
  • Maintain an occupational rehabilitation program to facilitate the prompt return of any injured personnel to the workplace and implement, operate and review management systems to implement this policy.

To this effect, all Aims Nepal personnel share a common responsibility to:

  • Follow defined health, safety and environmental management requirements as defined in legislation;
  • Observe agreed procedures;
  • Initiate actions to prevent incidents through rectification of suspected hazards or risks.