A level 1 rope access technician is a new rope access technician who is able to perform a specified range of rope access tasks under the supervision and guidance of a level 3 rope access safety supervisor.

A Level 1 rope access technician is :

a) able to understand and follow the rope access procedures, method statements an associated risk assessments.

b) responsible for pre use checks of his/her own rope access equipment

c) able to assist in rigging and other operations, under the guidance of a higher grade

d) able to undertake a simple rescue in descent, and assist in rescue operations.

Pre Training Requirements for a Level 1 Rope Access Technician

a) A level one trainee needs to be at least 18 years.

b) He/she must be mentally and physically fit.

c) He/she must not have any medical condition that may prevent them from working safely at height.

d) He/she must have a valid government issued proof of ID.

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